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You caught us during a website reconstruction period!

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Design trends are always changing, whether its new ways to code, or new graphic styles, we here at Dynamic Gorilla like to keep on top of that! We do minor changes here and there through the year to keep up to date.

Sometimes though, every now and then, Mike will come up with a set of changes so drastic we have to completely rework our website! So pardon our dust, and blame this all on him.

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The Gorilla and You
Who is Dynamic Gorilla, and what can they do for me?!

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Dynamic Gorilla is a band of like-minded designers with various backgrounds. We have you covered when it comes to web design, print design, and app design!

Do you need a flyer for your new party coming up? Need a new website for your company, or even a face-lift to your already existing one? Need a new logo, or how about some business cards? Already have a design but don’t know how to make it a reality? We can do that too. Check out our contact form below and find out what we can do for you!

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Some of our Work
Thumbnailed for your browsing pleasure.
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Meet the Team
< Insert cliche A-Team reference here >
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He does the design, he made me put all this stuff here.

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Makes sure I understand the Mike, and no one gets strangled. The “Nice” one

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Handsome, smart, everything you wish you could be. The perks of being the developer. I get to put what I want.

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You made it this far! why not!?


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